Laxmi Nets & Fabrics is a reputed leader in the manufacturing of high technology textiles.
Our uniqueness as a company stems from our diversity of manufacturing capabilities and expertise within each.


Our main areas of concentration are ----

    » Warp Knitted Fabrics.
    » Mosquito Net.
    » Relief Blankets.

    Tailoring our products to meet customer needs, we have achieved an undisputed reputation for innovation and quality. Our products can be found in everyday use and in many sectors of industry including: automotive, aviation, marine, medical, military, filtration, geo-textiles and high fashion.

    We employ an array of skilled & efficient people who jointly offer a wealth of expertise, experience and necessary skill for the development, production and promotion of our vast range of fabrics and nets.

    As a Company we work hard at continuous improvement to achieve a competitive advantage for ourselves and our customers. We are also committed to investment in people, technology and the preservation of our environment to ensure our continued leading position within the world-wide textile industry.

    The vision of the company is to locate the best available raw materials and other inputs in various categories and meet the needs of tomorrows business.

    The company envisions a world in which buyers would concentrate on their core-areas and be rest assured that their manufacturing and quality needs are taken care of.

    Our policies are totally customer oriented.

    1. To make customers aware of market conditions and give them the best possible choice.
    2. To keep the customers requirements as top priority, not the company's sales.
    3. To keep all information available for the customer.
    4. To keep confidential any information, regarding a customised designs, requirements etc.

    Internally, Our policy is to reward the employee based on performance alone.

Our Products


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